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Battery / Adapter

Your device’s battery drains fast or your device has charging issues, you can contact us

Broken Screen

There are issues like unresponsive screen, broken screen, or flickering screen, we can help.


If your keyboard isn’t working or functioning the way it should you can get in touch with us

RAM Issue

For bad RAM issues like system freezing, reboot, or blue screen avail our services


If you have broken hinges or spoilt ones, you can choose our services.


If your motherboard is giving problems like locked screen, blanks screens etc you can reach out to us for help

Customer Testimonials

When my system started giving some trouble, I called up Onsitego for a solution and they took care of the fixed. They charged quite a nominal fee for the good service they offered. I shall surely consider their services for my electronics in the future.
Pooja Mishra
My over all experience wih Onsitego has been good. My keyboard was not working but after getting it fixed I have not faced any problem. I am fully satisfied with the service done. Raising a service request was easy and availing your service was hassle-free.
Prakash K

Common Problems

System are the most convenient to use but just like any other electronic device, they may begin to show signs of failure too with regular use. Some common problems that often arise in a system include…
  • If your system keeps turning off every few minutes and doesn’t turn on, there is a high chance that the AC adapter has malfunctioned. Before calling a professional for try changing the AC adapter.
  • There is also a possibility that the DC power jack may have broken. Before getting a professional service scheduled, try adjusting the plug’s angle in its jack and it should save you from cost. If that doesn’t help it’s an indication of a motherboard issue. You will need to schedule a service to get the motherboard change.
  • If you notice lines on your screen, it may be a result of a hardware failure or due to damage to the screen. This doesn’t really indicate a display fixing. Unplug your system, hold the power button for 30 seconds and restart the system. If this doesnt help, you will need to be change for a professional service.
  • Device sually slow down when there are too many files and programs saved on it, as a result of regular use.
  • To avoid this problem, free up some space on the hard drive by deleting temporary files and keeping your desktop organized.
  • You could also transfer old files to an external hard drive to improve your system performance.
  • This is most likely due to overheating, which is usually caused due to dust build-up in the case and around the fan.
  • Switch off and clean it thoroughly to get rid of the dust. The simplest way to do this is to blow air into the side vent.
  • If this doesn’t help, start using a cooling fan.
  • If your battery drains out quickly, reduce the number of open tasks. This puts an additional drain on the battery.
  • Avoid keeping multiple windows open and disable the Bluetooth option to avoid draining your system battery further.
  • Also, switch on the ‘Energy Saving’ mode and keep the brightness low. These tips can help you save money on the device service.
  • Check if the airplane mode on your device and try too switched off and Wi-Fi is switched on.
  • Re-install drivers of the network adapter